“She had a backpack full of dreams, a pocket full of imagination and a heart full of hope and off she went, to find, her place in an extraordinary place called LONDON.” By Me

about me Kyra Campbell

Hello Everyone, and welcome to Style Your Lifestyle, a blog I created to to share my passions and encourage entrepreneurs reach for their dreams, no matter what obstacles they have faced. Just like I did, a little over a decade ago.


Raised in a traditional Asian household in the East of London, I was expected to marry young, rather than pursuing my desire to achieve an education and see the world beyond my cultural expectations. No females within my family had ever attained an education, had careers or travelled the world. I was never taught about, nor did I know what life was like outside of my community; yet I firmly believed that my life was meant to be more than just being a wife and mother.

So, at the age of seventeen, I plucked the courage and decided it was time to take responsibility and make my own choices. However, this decision came at a high price, as I had to choose between my own independence or my family, who would never have approved of my studying or marrying someone of my choice. So, one day, with five pieces of clothing, £180, a passport and some photographs I ran away and never looked back. Social Services placed me a women’s refuge In South West London. This was where the real struggles began. I was homeless and for the next three years I moved from hostel to hostel, where I experienced bullying, hunger and poverty. I was young and afraid with no family and friends, I had no qualifications and couldn’t secure a decent job that would cover the refuge’s rent, so had no choice but to be patient until I could stand on my own two feet.

about me Kyra Campbell London

At the age of twenty-one I signed the tenancy to my first flat. It was unfurnished and falling apart with a temperamental boiler, but to me it was a palace and the rent was manageable. I secured my first part-time job and enrolled at college.

I loved studying, however I realised I was out of my depth when it came to coursework. I could barely put a paragraph together, as my reading and writing skills were minimal. This was no surprise to me as I always knew I had difficulties in school, but the extent of it only hit me once I started my course. I was referred for an assessment, where I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Instead of taking the news as a setback, I embraced it, and worked endlessly to improve my literacy skills. I passed with good enough grades to qualify for university and got promoted to supervisor at my job. My first piece of furniture was a cooker! (Party…!)

Fast-forwarding some years…. Hello 2016!

I now live in a fully furnished apartment with my amazing hip-hop loving husband, who, last year, along with my parents, brother and sister-in-law attended my graduation, where I became the first woman in my family to graduate from university. Since then I have won a place on a business accelerator, had the opportunity to pitch at Google Campus London and launched Style Your Lifestyle, where I can not only share my personal passions for fashion, writing and beauty but create a lifestyle hub for aspiring female entrepreneurs just like myself.

achieving your dreams Kyra Campbell

I hope you enjoy coming on this adventure with me and that you have a awesome day!


Kyra x