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Beauty sleep: Beauty Secrets

Sleep is your skin’s best friend, well they don’t say the best things in life are free for nothing! ☺

Is it true that you can sleep your way to beauty, or is this just a myth? According to medical research, sleep experts and dermatologists you really can sleep your way to beauty. Unbalanced sleeping habits can affect our skin in numerous ways such as dehydration, dullness, dark circles, puffiness and can also cause skin sensitivity. Sleep deprivation not only affects how productive we are, but also how the skin functions. So think of sleep as a part of your beauty regime, that not only does wonders for your skin but also for your mind and body. I’ve been trying the below and have to say, I’ve seen such a difference in how my skin looks and feels. Sleep is such an invaluable skincare secret, one that isn’t celebrated enough. So girls, give the below a go, you can thank me later!

• Develop a regular sleeping sleep schedule. This was where I began first. I kept a diary of how many hours I was sleeping and couldn’t believe how inconsistent I was. Sleep is a very individualised and personal thing, so listening to my body and seeing what worked best for me was a great place to start. Once I figured this out everything else was pretty simple.

• Pamper yourself and your skin so it feels relaxed and well treated. I love using essential oils, such as lavender when removing my make-up as it’s great for de-stressing and takes seconds. Try adding a few drops to lukewarm water soak your muslin cloth and use it to remove your cleanser. I also love using this beauty sleep body butter from Neals Yard its smells incredible and the fragrance is so relaxing.

• Keep your electric devices 5 feet away from your bed. I’ve started putting my mobile on airplane mode, it’s so easy to get caught up in social media feeds and answering emails. So placing my devices on the opposite site of the room has worked wonders.

• Reduce your caffeine intake 6-8 hours before your bedtime. I try to not drink stimulants in the evening as these are persistent in our bodies for many hours after consumption. If you love a warm bed time drink try a herbal tea or cosy hot chocolate.

• Write a to-do list: This habit has been a game changer for me, I used to struggle to switch off as my mind would be thinking about all the things I had to do the next day. So I started writing the list the night before. WIN!

• Meditation is the easiest way to glide into a relaxing and peaceful sleep. I love using the headspace app. Each exercise takes only 10mins. Tadah…!

• Have a warm bath or shower using your favorite products. Currently I am loving John Fredias Luxurious Volume shampoo and Conditioner, Neals Yard Lavender Shower gel and Body Shops shea body butter.

Do you have any tips and tricks for sleeping or beauty? please comment below I would love to hear from you.


Kyra x

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