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Hello Friends

Here is the first ever shoot I done for my blog. My friend Marta and I packed our suitcases and spent two days photographing, eating croissants and sipping on coffee in beautiful Paris! Below are words from my first ever blog post. I wanted to re-post this to remind myself of where i started. All beginnings are scary and taking the first step is never easy. But once you get started, it all falls into place.

Happy Friday xxx


It felt as though spring had arrived early on the afternoon of our first day in Paris, the mild breeze and warm sunshine bringing relief from the long winter. These photos were the first we took for the site; I was so nervous that I felt my heart was going to jump out of my chest.I’m quite comfortable walking in heels and these Monochrome sandals are one of my favourites, yet for some reason I couldn’t stop stumbling, I guess the nerves were getting the better of me. However, my nerves were eliminated when Marta told me to ‘just be myself’.So I did. I laughed when the cobblestoned floor made me lose my balance, I smiled when the sun broke through the clouds and walked as though I was walking towards my dreams.

Sweater Paisie  Trousers Paisie  Shoes River Island  Bag Mulberry

Photo Credit: Marta Sputo

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