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I’m so excited about my first book post, when creating SYLS I knew that I wanted the content to highlight all my passions one of them being books. I’m quite a fussy and slow reader however I can’t remember the last time I left the house without a book, they are one of my greatest loves, and have played a significant part In my life (as you get to know me you will see why) so to create my own book club seemed honourable, yet I also wanted to incorporate my other passions and make reviews more visually enjoyable, so decided to write them as I read them, in the places in which I read, whether it is sitting at a rustic wooden table in an old café, sipping on herbal tea whilst sinking into my sofa or, in this case, surrounded by greenery with hints of a cool breeze.

shantaram book review

The Book: I have edited this particular post a few times. I’ve gone from writing a full review detailing the story to a short description, but at the end decided to write how I personally felt after I read the last sentence and proudly placed it on my bookshelf.

Shantaram, is one of those rare diamonds you find among lost mountains; it’s challenging, yet rewarding, it’s imaginative, yet biographical, it’s descriptive and oozes emotion and culture, creating a thirst to visit India. How I fell in love with the way the characters’ stories were told and how well developed they were – it’s hard to believe that David Gregory Roberts wasn’t a previously published author. It would be a shame to review it and spoil the surprises, but I hope readers will feel inspired to discover this wonderful work for themselves.


Kyra x

P.S For those of you who have read Shantaram, isn’t it epic?

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