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I’ve always been the ‘run before you can walk’ kind of girl and, as a result, many times I’ve tripped in shallow puddles (with no one to help me stand up). For many years I believed this was a weakness. I was ‘too ambitious’, ‘unrealistic’, a ‘dream chaser’ who just kept failing. And so, I decided it was safer to amble through life, taking each day as it comes. At first, everything was great; I was less stressed, at ease, taking my time and lowering my expectations was the way forward! RIGHT..?


FAST FORWARDING THREE MONTHS: I realised that I‘d become used to playing it safe, there was no progression on my blog. All my posts seemed alike with no point of difference, I was afraid to try new things and express myself as a creative and as a result I’d stopped producing content! The point I’m trying to make is that walking isn’t for everyone and that failing isn’t a bad thing. I’m a start-up, an inspiring entrepreneur, a creative who believes In her aspirations so taking risks is a part of the journey. Because lets face it girls life is more fun when you are “Fresh off the RUN way” ♫♪



  1. Marta


    Very inspirational post kyra! I bet many people (including me!!) went through the same thing. But as you said, we can’t give up! :)

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