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how to spend your lunch break

How do you spend your lunch break? Behind a pile of paper work? Sitting in front of a computer letting your salad get soggy? Or sitting in the corner of a coffee shop replying to work emails. The temptations to continue working are endless; the desire to meet deadlines, work ahead of schedule or leave a good impression on your boss have become a commonality within todays working culture. Now, thanks to Arianna Huffington’s awesome book, Thrive, not taking your lunch break is so #oldschool, because even our laptops deserve some sleep mode time. So, in honour of this well-deserved revelation, I have listed my five ‘sicker than your average’ ways to spend your lunch break.


Listening to music has always been a great way to de-stress and feel happy. Recent research has shown that music has many health benefits so why not incorporate it into your daily lunchtime routine. I’m loving the music discovery app, ‘Choosic’, it’s a great way to find and listen to new music.


I love writing to-do lists and most recently I’ve started writing these during my lunch breaks. By this I don’t mean a shopping list or when I need to pay a bill by. I mean a personal goals list. See below for some examples:

• I’ve only listened to music at the gym, but I’ve never tried listening to an audio book… Kyra..
download an audio book….

• Being able to do a headstand seems pretty cool, TRY YOGA.

• I’m a little bored of eating the same dinner. Download an awesome food app.

• I can’t stand greens, but I have never tried a green juice… try a juice bar with friends.

• I haven’t spoken to that college friend of mine for years… contact Jenny; we used to have great times


How to spend your lunch Break


London is full of hidden gems, with cafes, bars, pop-up shops and street food. Get to know the area where you work. A mini adventure awaits you.


We all love a good fashion magazine or a novel by our favourite author, but imagine how exciting life could be if you really did learn something new every day. Find a new blog, magazine or writer.


Exercising during your lunch break is becoming more popular by the day. However, those who prefer exercising in the morning or prefer an evening class or quite simply do not have the luxury of a gym close by might want to try a more relaxing exercise. Mindfulness exercises are a different type of workout that focus on the brain rather than the muscles in your body – like meditation on the go. It’s a great way to switch off from all the stress and noise of a workplace environment and re-energize. I recommend getting the ‘Head Space’ app – you get a free seven-day trial so you can try out a new exercise each day.

I would love to hear your ways of spending your lunch break. Please send us your suggestions.

Love Kyra x

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