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I’m my most confident when wearing minimal make up and comfortable clothing. To me, fashion isn’t about brands or following trends, instead it’s what comes naturally and is financially viable. It’s all these motley combinations that reflect my personality. I’ve never spent my mornings worrying about what I’m going to wear during the day, or what outfit to wear to a function. In the past year I’ve become more confident in my own skin and know what works for me. Fashion is always shifting, so honouring your personal style that reflects your personality is important.

leather pants zara
zara red checked shirt

This brings me to the fabri leather! I’ve only recently started wearing it. A few years ago, the thought of the leather made me slightly uncomfortable. While all my friends were embracing the trend, I was shying away, as I was struggling to find a pair that didn’t make me look bulky. That was until I discovered the above in Zara not only did they fit perfectly, they’re snug enough for everyday wear. Tadah!

Leather jeans | Zara
Red Checked Shirt: Zara (
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Black Boots Zara (
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Photo Credit: Marta Sputo

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