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finding your personal style

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” Ralph Lauren

Finding your personal style isn’t as straightforward as it seems. It took me a long time to become confident in my own skin – I spent many years being embarrassed by my curves. Being Asian, I grew up within a community where being curvy was classed as being ‘fat’. My friends would laugh at the size of my bottom and hips, calling my body weird and out of shape. What hurt the most was that these comments originated from people whom I loved, and who were my family and friends.

So it wasn’t surprising that I spent my teenage years and early twenties wishing that I had the body of a supermodel, with long, straight, black hair like my Indian peers. By the time I was twenty-six, I had accumulated an endless supply of clothes that were ten times my size. I basically looked as if I was swimming in fabric.

Nike Blazers  trainers

Fast-forwarding a few years to my first fashion job at TopShop’s retail store, it was a place like no other with a world of personalities who celebrated fashion to its core. One day we were launching the new Kate Moss collection, the next thing we had a catwalk show in the middle of the shop floor. I was working for one of the world’s most respected retail stores and loved every minute of it. My experience led to a new found appreciation for fashion and I was awestruck. I began to embrace trends and tried changing my look many time. The excitement soon wore off, however, as I came to the realisation that I wasn’t being true to myself. I was hiding behind trendy pieces of clothing so I could be part of a crowd and fit in. Not only that, my personality wasn’t so out there, and I struggled with the politics that came with working in such a demanding environment.

 monochrome outfit

So after four challenging, yet incredible, years, I left the world of retail to attend university and begin my dream of being a writer. The university was full of witty, trendy women who expressed their personalities through fashion, while I found myself sitting behind a library table, wearing boyfriend jeans, t-shirts and men’s hoodies. What saddened me about this was that I actually did love fashion and I was not only curious, but also fascinated by how consistently it changed. I never went a month without reading Vogue or visiting endless style blogs, yet I was too scared to express myself through it.

Skinny Jeans Basic T shirt

During my second year at University, I decided to start my own lifestyle platform, where I could share my life journey and love for fashion, writing and beauty. I wanted to create a lifestyle hub for females like myself who wanted to achieve their dreams. During this time, I also learned a great deal about myself and what kind of fashion choices I wanted to make. So I decided it was time to streamline my wardrobe. I wanted my collection to consist of pieces that complemented my personality, shape and lifestyle. I’ve always believed that comfort is key, and whatever brings me that makes me feel safe and confident. So below, I have listed my personal style mantra list.

Black Back Park River Island

“My personal style goes beyond the pieces of clothing I wear. For me, my body is my first layer of clothing, so being kind to it is essential. Everything else is secondary.” Kyra C.

gap jeans Zara Coat

My Personal style List

– Be kind to your body. It’s a wardrobe essential every woman gets for free.
– Confidence is sexier than wearing heels.
– Don’t let other people’s opinions affect your style choices.
– Trainers go with everything! Even dresses. (Yayy! Love you Nike…)
– It’s not abnormal not to own a designer pair of shoes.
– Bright colour’s aren’t for everyone. I prefer sunshine and flowers.
– Embrace your curves, and ignore the negativity.
– Following trends doesn’t make you fashionable, But do try to experiment once in a while – it’s fun.
– If you’re simple, embrace it. If you love comfort, style it.
– Always wear accessories, they really finish off any look.
– It’s not only about presenting yourself to others, it’s about feeling good.
– Get ready first thing in the morning. You never know what is waiting for you.
– Never buy a baggy cardigan again!(unless its winter of course…)

casual street style

I would love to hear your style journey and what you have learned about your own personal style. Please comment below, I cant wait to hear from you?

Jeans & Trainers,

Kyra x

Photo Credit: Marta Sputo

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