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how to create a mood board

Mood Boards are a great visual tool for any business not only do they bring a hint of Jazz to your office space, they’re also a great source of inspiration for your team, reflecting your company’s vision. I use them not only to communicate ideas and projects to the SYLS team, but also during business pitches and meetings. I’m obsessed with creating and using them, so I decided to share my top tips and the tricks I’ve picked up along the way.


Whether you are building a board for your business, personal project or for a client, start with a concept, write it down on a post-it note and place it in the centre of the board – this acts as a guide, and keeps the focus in place. If you’re building a digital board, place the post-it on your laptop screen.

Remember there are no rules when creating your boards, however having a focal point helps emphasise your message.


There are many ways to pull your ideas together. I personally draw inspiration from print, so before I visit the Internet I go through my old magazines -there’s something remarkable about print, even in this digital age. If you prefer the web, Pintrest, Flickr and Tumblr are great resources.



Take your time and enjoy the process. I remember I was so excited the first time I created a mood board that I ended up with way too many images, and nothing really went together. So, be selective, and choose images that complicated complement your chosen concept. I start by using Blue-Tack instead of glue, as it gives me the freedom to move things around.


I’m a great believer in leaving the comfort zone, as what we are looking for isn’t always in front of us. So, don’t limit yourself, instead, think outside the box and experiment with sources and ideas. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

– Listening to old music
– Visiting an art gallery
– Listening to a Ted Talk
– Watching a documentary
– Researching your client’s business, growth and vision.

how to create a mood board


When showcasing, I love adding texture, such as jewellery, make-up and stationary to mood boards to add a pop of colour. I find placing items on top allows the client to touch and really get a feel for what you’re trying to portray. I’ve even placed my laptop in the corner of a mood board with a slide show of inspiring images.


There is no ‘I’ in team, so get your team involved, listen to their ideas and ask for feedback. I love getting my team involved; they are always full of great ideas and bring something new to the table.


When presenting your board, keep the language simple, be passionate about what you have created ,it will shine brighter than anything else.

how to create a mood board

Have you used mood boards for business? If so, what sources of inspiration do you use?

Love Kyra x

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