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Social Media Marketing: how to grow your instagram

Instagram is an amazing platform to promote your business and spread the word about your brand. The best way to increase your following is organically, through the right type of engagement and management. It’s all about attracting your ideal customer. Below, I have listed some simple tips that anyone can implement and some strategies for successfully growing your platform, helping you gain the right type of followers.

It’s all about simplicity and being authentic. Organic growth takes time, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Social media platforms are a form of communication and a great way to market your business. The key is to remember and figure out who your ideal customer is and what they’re attracted to. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer it’s important to showcase not only your work but also who you are as an individual, giving your future clients a glimpse of the person behind the lens. By interlinking these aspects, you are both identifying your customers and connecting with them on a more personal level. A great example of this is international wedding photographer Marta Sputo. Not only does she present her work, she also gives you her lifestyle, connecting with her followers in a professional and personal way.


Having a clean and consistent theme that showcases your business will not only make your Instagram look attractive, but will resonate with your ideal clientele. The more time you put into it, the more successful your account will be.


Write a profile highlighting what you do. Write a quick description of your business, add your website address, contact details and where you’re located.


Write compelling and engaging captions that grab your reader’s attention. It’s all about leveraging your efforts and creating posts that bring back investments, such as new followers, likes and comments. For example, write positive thoughts, ask questions, recommend products or tell people about your favorite coffee shop or book. These kind of descriptions stimulate engagement.


Post one picture every day; this is a great way to entertain your current followers and attract new ones. Track which images get the most attention and work on creating more of these.


Support other Instagram users and businesses. Leave comments and ‘like’ their pictures. Supporting others is a great way to connect with like-minded people.


Show off your best work, post Instagram-worthy images that complement your business and show off your brands potential: Make sure your photos are high quality. There are some amazing free photo editing apps, such as VSCO that can add a touch of magic.


Spread the word, Use your other social media platforms such as Snapchat, pescope, Twitter and Facebook to promote your Instagram, post a nice image and add a hypo link. Cross promotion is a great way to market your other platforms.


If someone’s post makes you smile, inspires and entertains you, leave a genuine comment letting them know why. This gives them a reason to visit your feed, which can convert them into a client or supporter.


Do not buy followers’ likes and comments for two reasons. First, these kinds of followers will not interact with your activity, which is essential, as it demonstrates relevance and authenticity. Secondly, if Instagram discovers you are doing this, they will delete your account, as these methods do not comply with their policies.


Use the right kind of hashtags. My top tip is to add your hashtag as a comment below your caption for a cleaner look. Also, I would avoid hashtags #likeforlike and #follow. You want to use professional and engaging hashtags.

I hope you find these tips helpful my instagram friends.



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