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Hair is something that Indian women have traditionally cherished. They are known all around the world for having beautiful skin and shiny hair. Recently I have seen many articles pop up on Indian beauty secrets, so I decided to share some disciplines and secrets my mother passed on to me.

My mum never believed in hair conditioners or treatments, instead she celebrated natural products and traditional remedies that have been used within her family for hundreds of years. And it’s to her credit that my hair has regained its health because while I grew up using the most basic shampoos, whose sole purpose was to clean, I later developed a fixation with trying different hair colours. At one point I was dyeing my hair every other month, experimenting with all kinds of tones. It was at this time that I also purchased my first set of hair straighteners.

After a few years of this treatment, my hair became extremely dry. Looking for a quick solution, I turned to the numerous hair treatments on the market, from drug store to high-end brands, that promised to repair, condition and thicken my hair. I was disappointed – the results were short lived and I decided to go back to traditional Indian remedies, which have proved to be highly effective and have helped improve my hair density and strength.

I now only dye my hair twice a year, as I still love experimenting with shades. However, I make sure I give my hair a natural home-made treatment every week and stay away from chemical-based shampoos, products and barely use hair styling tools. Below is an adapted recipe combining my mother’s secrets with some wonderful ingredients I discovered myself. This remedy contains Vitamins A, C, and D as well as omega fatty acids, it’s chemical free and is naturally fragranced with dried rose petals.


Alma Oil (gooseberry oil)
Coconut oil
Mustard oil
Dried Rose petals (optional)
Lavender oil


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

Take some oil on the finger tips and gently massage the formula into your scalp, using a circular motion, working your way from the roots to the ends of your hair.

Using your fingertips, massage the whole scalp, applying a
few seconds of mild pressure all over.

Make sure the movements are slow; these will help you relax,
Whilst encouraging blood circulation.

Leave the oil on for one hour or overnight.

Ten minutes before washing your hair, give it a natural hot
treatment by soaking your towel in warm water with a few
drops of Lavender oil, wringing it out, then wrapping it
Around your head.


Love kyra x

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