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Autumn Fashion. navy blue jumpsuits
John Williams stoner

Autumn has finally arrived, steadily singing its way through the clear blue skies. Even though it saddens me to see Summer go I’m also excited about Autume, it’s one of my favourite times of year. I love the chestnut coloured leaves that embellish concrete paths, and adore the subtle chills that sway gently through my hair. Even the gloomy grey skies can be unpredictable as the sun wanders through the clouds, surprising us once in a while, making this season so ideal for outdoor running and reading in the park.

Navy Blue Jumpsuite Autumn Fashion
Navy blue jumpsuit

Weather aside I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a few thoughts with you about having a blog. Having a space where you get to share your passions is a beautiful, yet a challenging experience. At times your well thought ideas that seemed gratifying don’t always work. Instead they hold you back and make the experience overwhelming. Why? I have a tendency to over-think the simplest of things.

It was only last week that I was able to put everything back into perspective. Just for once I took a break from generating ideas, planning dates for posts and writing and looking back at SYLS’s twelve months, it made me realise that even the slowest of runners reach the goals they have set themselves. I don’t worry now if I don’t have hundreds of posts, and I can’t figure out all the ins and outs of WordPress. (OK, so in that direction I am a nightmare but there is progress). I understand that there’s no need to rush and compromise on quality. So here’s to blue grey skies, and loads of exciting new posts on SYLS.

Autumn fashion
bookworm London Blogger
London Blogger

Outfit: Jumpsuits have always been my ultimate wardrobe staple. I literally live in them, especially in Autumn. Not only are they comfortable, you can effortlessly switch the casual classic into a sophisticated dream simply by adding the right accessories. I purchased the above from Zara and teamed it with a floral kimono and rhinestone necklace to add a touch of sophistication.

Jumpsuit, Shoes and rhinestone necklace Zara/ Kimono HnM/ Book Stoner (limited edition hardback)

Photo credit: Marta Sputo

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