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Natural Beauty

Today is a very exciting day, as I’m launching a new category on the blog called ‘Inner beauty’, where I will be sharing natural skincare recipes, secrets and product reviews for your face and body. Natural beauty is a subject that’s always been close to my heart. As a child, I suffered from eczema and was extremely sensitive to most treatments, so my Mum used to mix oils into my creams to help relieve my itchiness and reduce scarring. It worked wonders, and I’ve lived with her tips for years, sharing them with my friends and colleagues.

I’m slowly discovering that natural beauty doesn’t need to be complicated or full of expensive ingredients, and that a simple green juice contains plenty of skin- nourishing ingredients which leave your skin feeling healthy. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing some recipes that are quick and easy to make.

I hope you will enjoy coming on this skin journey with me; I’m looking forward to sharing my progress with you all.


Kyra x

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