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This time of the year is the best time to really show off those bright lipsticks in your collection, because in the summer lips are your main focus. The face may be stripped back with a sheer base and eyes will be kept simple, so this is why it’s time to show off those lips by wearing all the bright pink shades. I’ve got a step-by-step guide to achieving long lasting pink lips as well as some of my favourite bright shades for summer. Bright lips shouldn’t be a daunting task because with the right shade for your skin type anyone can pull off a hot pink shade with confidence.

Bright Summer Lips (Step By Step)

The first thing you want to do before applying any kind of lip product is to exfoliate, a very important step that most of us tend to neglect. Just like you would exfoliate your body or face, you should do the same for your lips because they do get dry and start to flake (which is definitely not attractive). There are a lot of lip scrubs out on the market one of my favourites is the natural one made by Lush, but making your own at home couldn’t be easier. I usually mix granulated brown sugar with some coconut oil, for my own variation & it works perfectly.

The next step is one that I personally never skip on and that is to hydrate the lips with a good lip balm. I usually put on my favourite Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream version just before I start applying my makeup. Doing this assures me that by the end of my makeup look, when it’s time to apply my lipstick of choice, I will have smooth & hydrated lips.

The following step is one that I never took advantage of until a few years ago and that is to apply lip liner, preferably one to match the shade of the lipstick you’re going to apply afterwards. Another important thing about applying lip liner is to make sure you fill in the entire lip, because the 90’s dark liner trend is well and truly behind us. There’ so many great options to suit all budgets on the market at the moment, so whether you want to splurge or save, you will find the right choice for you. The one I am personally using is a budget option from Barry M, which is creamy & pigmented.

Now you are finally ready to apply your lipstick of choice because by this stage your lips should be in their best shape. I decided to go with a recent purchase from Makeup Revolution and one of the brightest lipsticks in my collection, the Iconic Pro Lipstick in If It Eats You Up. Whether you apply the product straight from the bullet or use a lip brush is totally your choice, but if the lipstick is super dark and has more of a matte formula I would recommend a lip brush (as it will definitely make application easier). The formula of the lipstick I used here is on the creamy side so I was confident enough to apply it straight from the bullet as it blended on the lips beautifully.

You can leave your lipstick application here but I decided to take it one step further for extra longevity, because re-applying lipstick numerous times throughout the day is not something I enjoy doing. To get the most wear out of your everyday lipstick all you need to do is apply a translucent powder (a loose version works best here) gently on top of the lips using a fluffy brush. This will also turn a glossy or cream lipstick into a matte formula, which is very much on trend at the moment.

Bright Summer Lips (Finished Look)

So these are my top tips for achieving long lasting & bright lips this summer, which I hope will be helpful to your lipstick application. I’ve also experimented with a few more lipstick shades from my collection just to give you a variety of bright colours as well as different textures.

Bright Summer Lips (Different Shades)

MAC Lipstick in Rebel has a satin finish and is quite long lasting on it’s own (without the use of a lip liner). To create my own version of this summer’s berry lip stain trend I lightly patted the colour on the lips and they used a lip balm on top.

Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain in India Intrigue is definitely a more wearable shade out of the bunch because it’s a muted raspberry pink shade and it’s quite glossy. Once the gloss wears off you are left with a beautiful pink stain.

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Funk is a liquid lipstick with a matte finish and definitely the highest maintenance option. Even though it has a long lasting finish, you need to be careful when eating or drinking as it can start to crumble off gradually. If you are looking for the most affordable option this is the one for you.

Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition in Pink Pong is another liquid lipstick and probably the brightest shade of the bunch. The formula of this feels a lot creamier on the lips even though it dries to a matte finish. In general it’s very comfortable to wear and I would highly recommend checking them out if you want a long lasting liquid lipstick, without the fuss.

By Alina Bostan


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