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Black Harem Pants trend

I love black Harem pants; they are incredibly versatile, comfortable and stylish and require minimal effort in dressing up, as the cut does all the talking. All you have to do is team them up with a simple top and high heels and you are ready to go, urban style. However, whilst speaking so highly of them it took me a few attempts to find a pair that suited my shape. I’m curvier at the bottom and slimmer on top, so the voluminous cuts didn’t work for me. I opted instead for a more fitted pair and teamed them a simple jersey which suited my body shape better. I prefer a more casual/smart approach to dressing up, so I kept the shoes simple, yet high enough to create a smart silhouette. Below, I have listed some tips on how to wear and celebrate the return of the M.C. Hammer classic [okay, maybe not the way Hammer wore them, but I had to mention the legend, it’s is harem pants after all :)]


Knight Rider: Turn your simple chic harems into the ultimate evening wear by pairing them with a tailored blazer or some sparkly accessories. However, remember that less is more, so find a statement piece rather than going full on – the minimalistic approach is key.

Work the waist: Define your waist by tucking in your top; this creates a more flattering shape. I personally love wearing a t-shirt or vest and finishing off the look with a structured blazer or a cropped leather jacket, as the pants are meant to be the main feature.

Shoe it up: Due to their loose shape, harems can make it challenging to create a slimmer leg, so coupling them with high heels will not only help slim down your legs, but will elongate your figure.

Style: I personally prefer a more tailored style which has subtle pleats, as I find these elude the trend. The simpler the cut, the more versatile they can be. Harem pants can be tricky, so take your time trying on different styles and fabrics until you find a pair that compliments your shape and, most importantly, is comfortable.

P.S I can’t get the song “can’t touch this out of my head”

HnM black harem pants (similar here) | Zara T-shirt | Zara boots (similar here)

Writer: Kyra Campbell
Photo credit: Marta Sputo

  1. JHem arzaga

    www. jhemsays.com

    Oh, wow you’re rocking this harem pants, hun! Wish I could also wear something like that with confidence hihi, I’m just so small and most of it doesn’t fit me. Sigh**
    But thanks for the tips, i’ll keep it in mind, just in case :)

    Jhem | http://jhemsays.com

  2. Kyra Campbell


    Thank you Jhem. You can rock anything you like, we are all different and beautiful. I wrote a post on style and confidence, it might help.


    Thank you for stopping by.

    Love Kyra x

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