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Kyra Campbell

Dealing with creative blocks can prove frustrating for artists and entrepreneurs. You have deadlines to meet, people to inspire or, quite simply your business is dependent on your ideas, and you feel the need to be consistently producing new concepts as without them, your business cannot thrive. Well, you’re not alone. Millions of us battle with this problem. For me, running a business, working part-time and writing my first book can become a little overwhelming at times. Many people have discussed this issue recently, so I decided to share the strategies I have implemented personally and which work for me.


Visualise your imagination as a human being called Imogen (I KNOW ITS CREEPY, BUT CREEPYNESS GOES A LONG WAY, PEOPLE…)

Like you, Imogen has a job; she has to wake up every day and make her way to work (your mind). She needs breakfast and lunch (passion and motivation) a pen (inspiration) and paper (originality), however after months of working long hours for her demanding boss (you) she is exhausted and has a breakdown (block). She hopes that you will understand and give her some time off, but, to her disappointment, you reject her request and push her to keep going for a little while longer until she decides to quit. Even the beautiful form of imagination can fail at times, accepting this was a big step for me, not only as a writer, but as an entrepreneur. So how can we deal with is, below I’ve listed a few tips.


Learn to focus on what you want from your art and business, rather than meeting other people’s expectations. For example, having a learning difficulty means it takes me double the time to write a post like this. I used to worry about getting everything perfect, as it would be open for the whole world to read. Now, I focus on making my writing an honest representation of my voice. This makes writing for you all so much more enjoyable and creative.


Love the bad ideas. Not all your ideas are going to be great. Sometimes it’s the craziest, wackiest and dumbest ideas that make the cut. For example, I never imagined that Thrive would fit into SYLS’s content strategy. Originally, we were meant to be all about fashion, beauty and glossy photographs, but sharing our company’s journey is slowly setting us apart. So embrace your ideas, share them with your loved ones, you never know, you might be sitting on a gold mine.


Leave your comfort zone. Home isn’t always where the heart is, so try changing your environment. Try working in creative spaces, libraries, cafes, or even the great outdoors.


Sharing is caring. Never be afraid to share your vision. I’m not saying shout about your million pound idea to anyone. Be selective of course, but being open to innovation is a vital business tool that most entrepreneurs are afraid of. Keeping everything to us can become overwhelming, if you are struggling to develop a concept, share it with people around you; their insight could prove invaluable.


Do a technology detox. The web is a universe of inspiration and we are spoilt for choice. However, sometimes the endless Instagram scrolling and Pinterest pinning can distract us from producing our own ideas or can feel intimidating, so try and take a break from the socials. This can help you begin to visualise new ideas. I try to check my social every other day or only once a day.

How do you deal with creative blocks? Please comment below, I would love to hear your ideas.

Writer: Kyra Campbell

  1. aYSHA


    thank you for these tips they were very useful and helpful… I suffer from writers block quite often and agree 100 percent that we don’t allow our minds to relax or change the environment to open up our creative juices.

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