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Top 10 Foundation Tips (2 of 2)

Choosing that perfect match & finding your very own Holy Grail foundation is easier said than done. The struggle is real at times and the search can be endless. However there’s a few steps you can follow to make the hunt a little bit easier and I’m here to tell you all about them…

First thing you want to do is determine your skin type… sensitive, dry, dehydrated, normal, combination, or oily. It is tough at first but once you are well aware of your skin & the correct way of looking after it, the struggle becomes easier. Products are marketed really well when it comes to dry, dehydrated or combination skin, but I do think oily skin types struggle. The one thing to keep in mind is that an oily complexion still needs hydration from water based products & even facial oils in the evening.

Next step concerns your skin undertone; basically whether you are warm (yellow/golden), cool (pink/red) or neutral (mix of warm & cool). There’s a few simple steps to determine your undertone but the shortcut test would be to rely on your veins (on the inside of your wrists); blue/purple is cool toned, green is warm toned & neutral will be a mix.

Choosing the right shade for your skin once the undertone is determined should be done on clean skin & natural light (aka step outside the store into daylight if you must). For a perfect match it should be swatched along your jawline… if the shade disappears into your skin it’s the right one.

Choosing the right formula again depends on your skin type & there’s a few steps to follow:

Oily skin tones should look for keywords such as ‘oil-free’ for lasting power and ‘mattifying’ for the absorption of excess oil.

Dry skin tones should look for ‘hydrating’ or ‘dewy’ to keep their skin moisturised & plump.

Combination skin tones need to determine just how oily or dry the skin, but cream & powder bases work best.

Determining the coverage you want for your skin is definitely all about personal preference and just how confident you are with your skin. The variety is huge but there’s 3 main points to work from: light, medium or full coverage.

Next step is back to the formula & its longevity… basically how long you want the foundation to last on your skin. Some options claim to last all day & some don’t even mention the lasting power, so it’s all about research along with personal preference.

With such a huge variety these days the next step is determining the texture of your foundation, which is mostly down to your skin type & again preference. The most popular option is liquid foundation because depending on the formula it can suit all skin types. So if you’re new to the world of foundation, liquid is definitely the one you should try first. Once you are comfortable with that you can move on to other textures such as cream, mousse, powder or mineral.

Another important step is deciding on the finish of your foundation… do you prefer a matte finish or a dewy glow to the skin. The deciding factor will depend on your skin type.

SPF or no SPF? We should all be wearing SPF daily (I had a very serious chat with you here) but whether you prefer the sun protection included in your foundation is your choice. There’s great options on the beauty market at the moment with high SPF included which would offer enough protection for your day to day life. We highly recommend the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40.

My very last tip is to do your research before splurging, with plenty of reviews available at the tip of your fingertips you should be able to future out the best options. Most importantly if it’s a possibility, try it before you buy it . The employees representing the brands are there to help so don’t be afraid to ask for a sample.

Writer: Alina Bostan

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