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Many of us who are on the path to starting a business soon learn that turning an idea into a successful brand entails more than financial backing, a strong business plan and a unique idea. Our era is known as the ‘information age’ where, at the click of a button, we can access a world of knowledge. After months of research, meeting people, reading books and interviews and studying business, I discovered that being ambitious and having knowledge doesn’t automatically make you victorious and that to be a successful entrepreneur requires something more than a good idea, hard work and passion.

Over the past year, I have met many successful business owners and I discovered that the one thing they all had in common was ‘the ability to hustle’ – they had the stamina to swim through an ocean of set-backs, doubts and failures. Because let’s be honest, no one’s business idea is unique. Someone, somewhere has already thought of it. The difference between them and you is that ‘you’ did something about it and had the potential to pursue your dream! You’re not only surviving, you’re thriving! And that, my friends, is awesome.

When I launched my blog little over a year ago, I had a goal to inspire women through real stories. I’ve always been passionate about fashion and beauty, but have a greater admiration and love for people who achieve their aspirations against the odds. So it couldn’t be a better time to launch ‘B with me’ a business category that will not only offer you business how-tos, tips, and book reviews, but will include in-depth business interviews, going beyond the basics covered today.

Stay tuned for more details, as style your lifestyle will also be launching a weekly newsletter In September full of lifestyle and business tips straight to your inbox. Please pop your email in the comments box below to sign up and keep up to date with whats coming.

With Excitement,

Kyra x

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